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[Corporate Vision] - life sciences practice at home, health program leader
    In ancient times, Yu mobilize people to flood 13 - open Jiuzhou, through nine, Pei nine-taek, the degree of nine mountains, sparse generation block, harm into the final generation Albert. Twenty-first century, is located in Yucheng Dayu Baolingbao uphold the spirit of the situation, pioneers, ambitious, focused health industry, to become the life sciences practice at home, health program leader.
    As the largest functional sugar manufacturing companies, as Isomaltooligosaccharide major makers of high fructose corn syrup industry standards, Baolingbao insisted no one I have, I have excellent, always keep one step faster; not only provide customers with quality products, more customers with comprehensive solutions to enhance customer value. Bowling treasure in the process of industrial development, adhere to the transition from a manufacturing to create the transition from product operations to capital operation, strengthen internal strength, wide use of foreign forces, the theory continues to be applied life sciences and health ingredients industry, enhance the industry value, leading development of the industry.
    Baolingbao determined using the life sciences theory, in practice, continuous innovation, continuous exploration work, leading the development of the health industry, the achievements of the great cause of human health.
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