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[Core values] - people-oriented, innovative and win-win
    Baolingbao brilliant achievements inspire people, thanks to all the staff of hard struggle, thanks to the concern and support of leaders at all levels and sectors of society, thanks to the sincere cooperation of the management team, thanks to the trust to support our customers. Baolingbao internal focus on employee growth, emphasis on staff training, improve staff levels, and continuously improve the treatment of employees; foreign people's livelihood, committed to public health, social responsibility and promote the development partners, truly Founding people, people-oriented.
    Science and technology are primary productive forces, is the foundation of successful entrepreneurship Bowling Po, relying on rapid growth and sustainable development of protection. Leading technology comes from continuous innovation, Baolingbao internal training, tap potential, external integration of resources, technology, sustained innovation; Baolingbao innovation from the market, and services to customers; to create value-oriented line, promote industrial chain to enhance its mission, including comprehensive innovative technology innovation, management innovation and system innovation.
    Competition in the 21st century, is not only a competitive market, it is chain competition, talent competition, Baolingbao willing sustained attention and efforts to meet customer needs, employee needs, social needs, the needs of shareholders, truly, and all stakeholders Fusion reciprocity, harmony and win-win.
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